Episode 1.2 ‘Deep Throat’

Thank you to everyone who read my first blog, I hope you enjoyed it and are maybe thinking about revisiting The X-Files yourself.  If you can’t be bothered going back through all 202 episodes, that’s OK!  I’ll do it for you!  Let’s dive straight into the next episode shall we?

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Episode 1.1 ‘Pilot’

As I settled down to the episode number 1 of 202 I was slightly daunted by the task ahead of me. Caught up in the excitement of the idea I had decided to watch all nine seasons of The X-Files (hopefully before the new 6 episodes are aired later in the year). As usual though, I hadn’t really thought it through…..

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And so it begins….


With the fantastic news that Mulder and Scully will be once more on our screens, this lapsed X-Phile has decided to rewatch all 9 seasons.  Yip, right from the pilot episode where everyone looks so young and not really sure what the hell they are doing, past the favourite Monster of the Week episodes, navigating my way through the ever more confusing story arc….right to the end of Season 9.


Do you think I’ll make it to the end before the new 6 episodes air?  Will I fall in love with Dana and Fox all over again?  Will I figure out just what the hell is The Truth?

Trust No One.

Deny Everything.

The Truth is Out There (I hope).